Colour palettes are visually pleasing when you refer to the colour wheel or follow the colour theories religiously. If already know and use the basics, however, it’s fine to break the rules and take some risks. This proposition may seem like a gamble when it comes to painting your home, but that isn’t the case if you plan it well. The colour wheel has so many possible combinations, it’s beyond belief. While some don’t look like they complement each other at first, you’ll notice their appeal once the paint has dried.

    Listed below are some unlikely colour combinations that might just prove to be eye candy:

    Turquoise & Peach

    Turquoise and peach are cool to the eyes. They are perfect for a living room, especially if your home is close to the beach. Use both as accent colours for white or cream walls. If you’re going for darker options, you may choose teal instead of turquoise, and coral instead of peach.

    Blue & Orange

    Blue and orange are reminiscent of contemporary art museums. Instead of using both colours for paint, go for blue as the wall’s shade and complement it with drapes and upholstered furnishings with orange colour. Go for blues that are close to dark teal for a regal and sophisticated appeal.

    Purple & Grey

    Purple and grey are a combination of both cool and warm. They are appropriate for bedrooms or home theatres. You may choose purple as the base colour and use grey to accentuate it.

    Yellow & Brown

    Yellow and brown contrast each other, but not in an annoying way. The combination is reminiscent of the countryside (lemon farms, in particular). The appeal is nostalgic and warm. This colour combination works best in living rooms, kitchens, or any other space that allows natural light to flood in.

    When choosing your colour palettes, you don’t have to stick to the classics or templates. You can always experiment. If this becomes hard work, you can always seek the services of an interior designer. Or better yet, call us! We’ll show you how to play with colours.