The choice of colour determines the concept and ambience, so great care should be taken when considering primary colours in both interior and exterior design. The surrounding colours will dictate to a degree, so factor that into your scheme, and whatever colour you choose for the outside, avoid anything too bright.

    The Three Main Colours

    In design terms, there are 3 colours that form the basis of any design, and they are red, green and blue. When combined, these base colours provide many other usable shades, and with careful planning, you can avoid too much of one base colour, then with a little variation, the room will look balanced.

    Contrasting Colours

    You should look for two contrasting colours, such as green and red, as they will complement each other. Mixing blue and red tends to have the opposite effect, and there is a conflict between the two striking colours, giving the room a busy effect. Pink, peach or a buttery yellow, are all great with softer reds or greens, while blues, greens and purples tend to make smaller rooms look larger.

    The Soothing Effect

    If you are seeking a tranquil ambience, stay with the same shade and look for variants, and this is ideal for bathrooms and bedrooms, where relaxation is quintessential. Light blue has many hues, and if combined with white, it makes for a calming effect, while giving the room a clean look. Blues, lavenders, and soft pinks can all add a romantic touch, and with the right sheens, you can create real depth.

    Elegant Shades

    If you are looking for a level of sophistication in a room, beige or cream are ideal base colours. Almond walls with reddish brown trims will surely add a new dimension, and with careful use of lilacs and violets, you can really make a statement.

    The Right Painters

    We at Barker-Whittle have been painting properties for many years, ever since Peter Barker formed the Perth-based company in 1986, and we only employ the best painters. We do prefer to train through the ranks, and have many promising apprentices who are currently learning the ropes, alongside our more senior employees. All our staff have this wonderful, can-do attitude and we always strive to ensure complete customer satisfaction, whether commercial or domestic.

    An Established Name

    Barker-Whittle have been painting Perth’s outstanding structures for over 30 years, and with extensive hands-on experience with both commercial and residential painting, we like to think we are the best there is. Our customers are always happy with the end result, and we pride ourselves on being both eco-friendly and customer focused, so if you think you might need something painted, contact the painting experts for a free, no obligation quote.

    A Comprehensive Service

    Barker-Whittle will do a lot more than just paint surfaces, we will also advise on colour and paint selection, and help our customers to achieve the optimum results at an affordable price. If you ever need anything paint related, we are always ready to assist.