Mixing and matching comes part and parcel with being a homeowner. Whether it is in regards to furniture or the colour schemes in and around the house, you need to get the perfect combination to bring out the best in your home.

    Below are 5 examples of colours you would not suspect would work so well together when used for your home:

    1. Red and pink — While most people might not think that hues too close to each other on the colour wheel would not work well together, you would be surprised at how great these two colours complement one another. They are perfect for adding a touch of flowery vibe to rooms.
    2. Mint and salmon — Mint can be in hues ranging from green to blue. On the other hand, salmon can range from coral to pink. While they may not be so much on their own, they result in a vivid colour combination when worked together.
    3. Peach and cobalt — With the blue and orange being complementary colours, it should come as no surprise that peach hues would go great with cobalt. When combined, these two colours can add elegance to any room you choose.
    4. Violet and marigold — Marigold can brighten up the room while the deep plum hue of violet can help tone it down. This particular colour combination works really well when you have access to natural lighting as it serves the warm, bright feel of sunshine.
    5. Lime green and lemon yellow — While these two might not amount to much on their own, when combined, they can give a refreshing citrus feel that is both soothing and invigorating at the same time.

    Alone, these colours may not look too great, but they can make great colour combinations that bring life to your home.

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