Many people often view home painting as a matter of aesthetics — what looks great on the eyes. At Barker-Whittle, our professionals believe that the colours you choose to decorate your home can have a strong effect on you and your family’s psychological well-being.

    Let’s take a closer look into the psychology of room colours so you can be sure you’re choosing the right shade. Here’s a room rundown:

    Living Room Colours

    Warm shades such as yellow, orange, and red, and earth shades such as beige and brown can work well in living rooms, as they stimulate conversations. These colours encourage people to sit and talk.

    Dining Room Colours

    Your dining room begs for a bold colour statement that will stimulate you to dine. A nice splash of oranges and reds, for example, can be great on your dining room, as these colours enliven people and generate a comfortable and relaxed environment. With these hues on your dining room, chats will seem to flow better and dining will seem more enjoyable.

    Bathroom Colours

    White shades have always been the ideal colour for bathrooms, as they signify pureness and cleanliness. Bathrooms of today, however, aren’t just a place to wash up; it’s also a place for relaxation and rejuvenation. Whilst white surely works for bathrooms, you might want to dig deeper into the palette. Consider cool tones such as blues and greens, for a calming and soothing effect.

    Bedroom Colours

    Relaxing is the main purpose of your bedroom, so focus on colours that will bring a calming effect. Blues and greens help calm your psyche and control your emotions. Purples, on the other hand, can work well in bedroom walls. Although traditionally regal, purple encourages spirituality. With different densities available, purples are pleasing to the eye and can have a strong impact.

    Once you know the power of wall colours, you can use them effectively to stimulate positive feelings inside your home. If you’re ready to take the plunge, call us right away so you can expect the best for your property.