Nothing provides the exteriors of your property an exceptional makeover like a fresh coat of paint. Whether you plan to put up your place for sale or simply want to enhance its kerb appeal and make it look good as new, there is no other ideal option but to get professional paint services.

    But, the question is how often should you have your exterior walls painted? The answer depends on your situation and a few other factors, such as the exterior finish, the location and the quality of the last paint job.

    If your walls have wood siding, they need repainting every three to seven years or staining every four years. For aluminium siding, it can last five years before you repaint it. For newer material types, particularly cement fibreboard, it can go 10 to 15 years between paint jobs as it requires less recoating.

    Living in a historic district is integral, as well. As much as you want to repaint your exteriors freely, you need to secure a permit from the authorities before you proceed. This isn’t always the case, but taking such standards into account can help determine how often you can repaint your property.

    Erstwhile Paint Job

    As mentioned earlier, the quality of the previous paint job also matters. The proficiency of the painters, the grade of coat they used and the number of times they applied the paint determines the right time to do a repaint. In general, the paints that tend to last longer are the high-quality, light-shaded ones.

    Furthermore, the previous painters should’ve applied two to three coats and applied the paint under shade. The most durable and fade-resistant coating is the 100% acrylic paint.

    How’s the Weather?

    Consider nature in your decision, as well. Living in an area with mostly sunny and hot climate causes the paint to bubble and fade faster, especially if your walls don’t have trees to shade it. You’ll also need a new paint job more often if you’ve previously used dark-hued, synthetic-pigmented and oil-based paint.

    So, is it time for an exterior wall paint job? Here at Barker-Whittle Master Painters & Decorators, we offer comprehensive painting services for both interior and exterior walls, as well as textured coatings and plastering. We can work on your property and give it a remarkable redecoration, whether it is a residential or commercial space. Contact us today and let our team of certified painters do their magic.