Some design rules are meant to be broken — and then there’s colour. While the vast range of palettes and fabric colourways give you some room for interpretation, too many options can make you take an occasional wrong turn around the colour wheel.

    Most painting mistakes trace back to a lack of prep work. If you want to make sure your next paint job will look like something straight out the pages of a home improvement magazine, here are some of the biggest mistakes in interior colours, and the best ways to avoid them.

    Picking Paint Colours First

    Paints should be one of the last things you pick. Waiting to see what all the fabrics, furniture, and other elements in the space will look like gives you a much better idea of what shades will go well with it. If you pick the paint colour first, you’ll be pinning yourself in a corner with not much room to find the right things that match.

    Get the room planned, including all furniture and decorations you plan to have, and then select the paint to support all the things going on in the space.

    Choosing a Colour Too Bright or Saturated

    Trendy shades such as a bright, cobalt blue may look great on a ceramic lamp or a silk pillow because of its sheen and depth, but when put on a wall, it’s a whole lot stronger. Lighter, muddy hues work better compared to a really bright strong tone.

    If you want the walls to scream a loud colour, wrap the rest of the furnishings and decors in neutral tones, or maybe even white. Have a focal point. If it’s the wall colour, then allow everything else in the room to support it, not fight it.

    Forgetting Emotional Goal

    People always say they want to use their favourite colour — red, for example — in their bedrooms, but what they really want is a relaxing and calm space, so there’s disconnect between the shades chosen and the use intended for the space.

    If you want a room that’s really serene, go for cool hues; if you’re looking for something exciting and bold, go for warmer tones.

    The right colours not only give your home its personality, it’s also what makes you want to stay in that room. Get in touch with us now and we’ll help you make the right decisions to give your home a beautiful and inviting look.