Anyone who’s planning on selling their home needs to allow themselves time to make it look a little less ‘lived in’.

    There are numerous ways in which homeowners can freshen their homes and make them look more appealing to prospective buyers, with a fresh coat of paint still one of the best ways to enhance its appearance at minimal cost. While you’ll still want to pay the garden and other areas of the home their due attention, especially the bathroom and the kitchen, a fresh coat of paint is sure to work wonders.

    The Exterior — All Important First Impressions

    First impressions aren’t to be overlooked when selling a residential property. If potential homebuyers’ first impressions of your home aren’t overly positive, you can forget all about achieving your goals when selling your home. You need to make your home stand out from the many properties on the market and wow prospective homebuyers the moment they pull up outside your home to inspect it. That means serious curb appeal is a must.

    Regarding colours, neutral colours are the best choice as they’ll appeal to most homebuyers, but consider the surrounds and the design of your home too, as there’s a lot involved in selecting the right colour to paint the exterior of a residential property. What’s more, bright, bold colours tend to fall in and out of fashion, so while you may like to add touches of bold colour to make the colour scheme pop, don’t go overboard by keeping it predominantly neutral.

    The Interior — A Blank Canvas to Start Afresh

    One of the most prominent reasons for painting the interior of the property prior to listing is to make it look less ‘lived in’ and more of a blank canvas for the homebuyer to start afresh in their new home. As with the exterior of the property, neutral colours are the best choice here, but don’t be afraid to add a bold colour as a trim around doorways and skirting boards if it brings out the aesthetics of the home.

    Keeping the colour schemes light and bright is also advantageous, but watch out for shades of white that are too bright, especially if you have strong lighting or a lot of natural light enters your home. While light and bright is great, the reflection of light on bright white walls can add a glare to the environment.

    De-personalise the interior of your home as much as possible with neutral colours that are light and bright, but not too bright, to enable the homebuyer to envision themselves residing in your home. That’s a very important aspect of preparing a property for sale.

    In conclusion, painting your home before putting it on the market is easily one of the best ways to make it more appealing to homebuyers and increase its selling price. If you’re in need of some expert advice from an experienced housepainter in Perth, give the master painters and decorators at Barker-Whittle a call. We’d love to help you prepare your home for sale.