The kitchen is the heart of many modern homes. Of course, we want the space to be warm, cool, and relaxing at the same time. Covering your cook space with certain colours can be tricky, though. But that’s no reason to hold back.

    We’ve come up with what we think is one of the best guides to choosing the right paint for the kitchen. Take yours from bland to bold and spicy with these paint guidelines.


    Almost a standard in kitchens all around the world, white paint makes the room look and feel fresh and clean — things you want your kitchen to be. White doesn’t always have to be boring, though.

    Because white is almost a blank canvas, you can always play around by adding colours through the countertops, fixtures, dinnerware, and other kitchen accessories.


    It is thought that red stimulates the appetite and makes you lose track of time, which is probably why this colour is common in fast food restaurants. These attributes also make it perfect for big family kitchens for those who love hosting regular dinner parties or those who love to enjoy their meals late into the evening.

    When it comes to the bright reds, use them sparingly, and only as an accent on walls, counters, trims and other kitchen elements. Brick and muted shades also work well for your space.


    Instead of the stark, all white, why not try adding a splash of cream to warm up the kitchen. This colour is always inviting and soothing, and can work with any kitchen style — from the classic to contemporary. It’s a great backdrop for accent colours, such as cornflower blue and mint green. What’s more, it’s always in style.


    Daring shades, such as apple green, adds a little boost of fun to any kitchen, as it goes well with most modern appliances and materials. This gives the space a nice contrast. If you want something a little calmer, try different shades of green, like sage or olive. These colours are bright enough without being too overpowering.


    Everybody is loving grey nowadays, especially when it comes to home decoration. Grey’s versatility and neutrality makes it perfect for the kitchen as it looks splendid with just about any accent colour — from lavender, tangerine, to lime green and lemon.

    Playing around with colours is the key to finding what hue suits your kitchen best. Get in touch with us now and we’ll be glad to help with your painting needs.