There is much more to colour than just a way to improve the aesthetics of an area. Past studies have established that the shades affect the average amount of sleep we get at night. What you can learn from this is that colour has a unique way of influencing our mood. This is how important the paint job of a new home is.

    Given this rationale, it is possible to use different shades to create a soothing and relaxing atmosphere. With the right colours, you can beat stress starting in your own bedroom. But what colours should you use? The secret lies in pale, muted, and chalky colours. Here are a few shades that can make your room a de-stressing haven:

    Aqua Blue

    Different shades of blue create a relaxing vibe, but aqua blue deserves a special mention. This tone just works in many levels, not to mention that it blends well with most décor. Note that if you’re going the aqua route, steer more towards the bluer end of the spectrum. The greener hues don’t help make a room look calm as much as what aqua blue does.


    Neutral colours are also a good idea. In the case of beige, a shade in the warmer portion of the spectrum is ideal. Do steer clear from hues that are close to orange and yellow. The brightness doesn’t contribute to the calming atmosphere.


    Purple, on its own, is way too vibrant for a bedroom. But when you mute down the tone and make it look chalky, it can provide a relaxing vibe. For this reason, different shades of lavender are ideal for a bedroom if you’re going for an environment that can beat stress.


    When you want your space to look relaxing, pink is another great option. Choose a colour that’s dusty and pale in appearance to enhance the stress-relieving vibe.

    We can paint your new home with any of these shades for a truly relaxing vibe. We are home to some of Perth’s most seasoned master painters, so you can hold on to our promise of delivering an excellent paint job in every project. Contact us today for more information about the painting services we offer.