Establishing a colour flow at home can dramatically transform your simple space. The term colour flow refers to how your wall paint creates a harmony from room to room. Connecting rooms with colour isn’t always easy, but if you don’t have doors to separate rooms, the task is a necessity.

    Importance of Colour Schemes

    The colour wheel is your best friend when trying to create a sense of colour harmony. Referring to the wheel makes it easier to pick colour schemes that will work best.

    Use analogous colour schemes to create colour flow. Analogous colours are hues located next to each other in the colour wheel. Orange, yellow and green is a common combo. Using these colours will create a smoother flow at home.

    Principle of Repetition

    Repeating colours throughout your space is a sure way to create flow. Be careful not to be bland and boring, though. Too much of the same colour isn’t pleasing to the eyes, so use different shades.

    For instance, use beige as the dominant shade in your kitchen walls, and ivory or cream in the living room. Make sure that furniture and other accessories in the room also exhibit these shades to reinforce the style.

    Use the repetition principle in accents as well. Complementary colours or hues that are opposite each other in the colour wheel make good accent colours. Use these shades as a defining feature in every room — whether it’s in the wall paint or fixtures — to tie rooms visually.

    Wonders of White

    Another way to create colour harmony in rooms is by using one neutral colour in ceilings and woodwork. Pure white shade can emphasise details while creating a smoother transition from one room to another. This is especially useful in homes that have complicated floor plans — those that have too many small spaces.

    Use white and other similar shades in halls and entryways if you have chosen bold colours in major areas at home. This will give the eyes a place to rest. On the other hand, if you chose soft hues in the rooms, use richer colours in the connecting spaces. Having this consistency in your spaces will create a sense of harmony at home.

    Create an excellent colour flow in your space. Our residential painters specialise in new home projects and can help. Contact us today.