Orange and its many hues have been somewhat of an it colour over the past couple of years, and it is everywhere in home — from cushions and beds to walls and ceilings.

    Orange is one of the zippiest colours, sharing the attention-grabbing effect of red without being too aggressive. It has so many moods, too — it can be earthy (pumpkin) and calming (peach).

    Regardless of how versatile and beautiful this colour is, however, it can be a bit zany, which is why many are still wary of implementing this colour into their home decor. Here are some tips:

    Add Touches

    If you’re shy about painting your home orange, start by adding touches of the colour to the exteriors. Because orange is such a lively and energetic colour, it works great in outdoor spaces where you anticipate lots of activity. Purchase eye-catching lanterns and cushions for your outdoor patio or sunroom, for instance.

    Find the Right Shade

    Orange comes in a variety of shades that it can be difficult to find one that truly suits your taste. We recommend a fire orange colour accent wall in the bedroom, as this adds a sensual dazzle to the room. Bright, friendly merigold orange patterned curtains, on the other hand, will fit nicely in your living room. Whichever you choose, remember that the shade of orange you select can change the mood of a room completely.

    Use Orange as Only a Part of the Theme

    Whether you are decorating a new room or remodelling an old one, remember that orange themed rooms don’t have to be tacky. You simply need to use orange as part of the overall theme. For instance, if you want a Southwestern flare, combine orange with an earthy tone; if you want to bring a tropical theme to life, on the other hand, you can pair orange with some deep blue hues.

    At Barker-Whittle Master Painters & Decorators, we can incorporate this risky colour tastefully by painting your interiors with quality finishes. You can talk to us for advice, too. Call us today and let’s get started!