Choosing a colour palette is one of the most important yet strangely difficult aspects of decorating a home. To achieve a harmonious atmosphere throughout the space, you need a balanced colour scheme that will seamlessly connect one room to the other.

    To create a scheme that best fits your personality, you can choose between three and five of your favourite colours and alternate different hues for each room. The main interior wall paint colour of one area, for instance, can be the ceiling colour in the next space, or the accent colour in another. You can also use accessories, pillows, or window treatments to incorporate these hues in all rooms.

    Dark & Light Hues

    One selection tip that always works is starting with contrasts or pairing dark with light hues. You can also consider adding something bright if you want to infuse a little more energy and vibrancy to the room. If you have pale walls, for instance, you can turn to your furnishings and rugs for additional colours. If you want to incorporate bolder tones, be sure that they are crisp and the lines are clean.

    Unifying Rooms

    It is easy to unify different rooms of the house by choosing one hue. If you want to go all out with one colour, be sure that the hue intensities are the same. This means that you cannot pair pale hues with overly bright colours, as the space will feel out of balance. Pale or carnation pink, for instance, will make the room feel disconnected if you try to pair it with hot or neon shades.

    Monochromatic Palettes

    If you’re aiming for a comfortable and restful feel, you can choose shades of cream, beige, and brown. A monochromatic palette is one of the easiest schemes you can come up with, as you can choose a colour you like, and go one hue up or down from that hue in the spectrum. Make sure to introduce textiles or textured fabrics so that the monochromatic palette will not be monotonous.

    Achieve a harmonious atmosphere in your home by choosing a colour palette that best represents your personality. Browse through our website today and find out how we can help you with house painting and finding the perfect colour scheme for your space.