Colour is a powerful, albeit underrated, design tool that can evoke different emotions. The hue you pick dictates what mood your room will elicit, such as cheerfulness, calmness, or even drama. The concept of psychology of colour is real, and here are some ideas about some hues for your next repainting project.


    This colour commands attention, and it can easily attract eyes to look at it. Red is bold and daring, which makes it a great choice if you want to have a stimulating atmosphere. Usually, designers use red in small spaces and accents.


    As the fusion of red and yellow, orange has that inviting and exciting vibe. The colour easily draws the eyes as well, so you need less of the brighter tinges. It is a warm, friendly, and excitable hue.


    Yellow has a natural glow that can add the illusion of light in a room. Its muted hue can be soothing, while a pale one would make a room feel larger. Bright shades evoke the warmth of summer. Although it is uplifting by nature, you should choose the right shade to avoid using a shade that’s either too bright or too muted.


    Representing growth and renewal, green is a highly versatile colour. It can create balance, richness, and contrast at the same time. Often, this hue elicits an organic, fresh, and airy aura.


    Like green, blue is calming and refreshing. Its variants in hue, however, give it a different twist. Sapphire blue would be a bold accent to a room, while a light shade of it feels tranquil. Dark shades are often dramatic.


    Purple is the fusion of red and blue, thus possessing the calmness of blue and the excitement of red. This colour is moody, enchanting, and mystical, which can easily add drama and an exotic flair to your home.

    Though modern designs often sport neutral colours, it’s still a great idea to play with other hues sometimes and avoid the monotony of blacks, greys, and whites.

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