Injecting reddish hues into the overall colour scheme of a house takes a little bit of bravery. It is a good way, however, to make your house a true statement that can stand out from the rest of the houses on the street.

    Red is not a very popular choice among homeowners, as it can either make homes truly stand out or stick out like a sore thumb. While it is a difficult colour to pull off, it offers a significant boost in vibrancy and homeliness when done correctly.

    A Boost in Intimacy

    Red is a colour of intimacy. Red walls can make rooms feel closer and warm. Additionally, they work well with small spaces. This, of course, depends greatly on colour intensity. Darker hues can provide more depth and warmth while lighter ones will give a gentler feeling to the rooms you use them in.

    Be warned, though, not to use darker shades of red too much, as these can give rooms a scary, unappealing feel.

    An Infusion of Festiveness

    Red is an inexpensive way to bring a festive atmosphere and liven up otherwise dull rooms. Living rooms, for instance, are one of the best places to adorn with red-painted walls. Kitchens with walls covered in red paint have a friendly Mexican vibe.

    Hallways often tend to be dead spaces. By painting walls in reddish hues, you can bring them to life with the vibrancy that red can bring to the proverbial table.

    Red is an uncommon choice for house paint, but it offers a different, very much unique feel that you may want to try. Paint the town red today, starting with your own house. Get in touch with the Barker-Whittle team. Contact us for more information on how to bring out the best in your house through red hues.