Colours hold the key to effective visual design flow. As they set the mood for any kind of setting, choosing the right colour palette is important. More than the ambience they provide, however, colours can create the illusion of space, particularly when used right.

    Up the Ceiling

    Low ceilings give an impression of cramped space. To make a room look huge and spacious, you can choose to paint your ceiling with white or any light colour. You can also leave it free of textured coating to provide a seamless uniform colour theme. Add a light fixture at the centre, a chandelier for example, to improve the effect further.

    Cool Change

    Light, cool hues give an open and airy feel to any space. For better results, choose blue and green tones. Do not mix just about every other cool hue, though. To make the most of the ambience they give, decide which hue you are going to use as the base of the whole interior design. This is because colours that belong in the same family will not break up the visual flow. Instead, it connects and makes the interiors look whole. Do the same with your furniture’s colour theme; stick to only one colour scheme for a more open look.

    Light Buddy

    Good lighting systems can dramatically transform the mood of an interior space. So, position them in places where they can illuminate as much space as possible. You can also experiment from both ends of the spectrum to find which hue works best with your interior’s colour scheme. Letting in natural light can also boost the details of your design.

    Fewer Accents

    As much as you can, remove accent furniture from your interiors. While they improve your home’s look, too much accent can compromise the visual effect of the colour theme. The key here is to choose the ones you think are necessary, and make sure they complement the design of the room.

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