You may have probably heard of some of the rules in choosing the right colour theme for your house, from not combining “incompatible” hues to selecting particular palettes. Sometimes, though, such rules could be a bit restrictive.

    If you feel that the rules are too exacting for your taste, just remember that there is an exception to every rule, especially when it comes to home interior colours. Avoid the following misconceptions and let your creativity run free.

    Ceilings with Dark Hues Look Lower

    The thing about colours is that light has a huge effect on them. White reflects light better than any other colour while black is the opposite. So, it is natural for some homeowners to think that painting their ceiling with darker hues would make it seem lower and the room look smaller.

    The truth is dark designs can make the ceiling appear lower when you use strategic lighting positions. Think how black ceilings in theatres tend to “disappear” whenever you watch films. This is because your eyes do not focus on them but are fixed instead on where the light source is. Direct attention away from the ceiling to make your room look more spacious.

    Monochromatic Colours are Boring

    Many homeowners feel a bit wary when using black and white colours for their interiors, thinking they would make the space look drab and boring. On the contrary, however, monochromatic colours add intensity to the design because of their highly contrasting effect. Use subtle patterns like stripes and squares to highlight this contrast and you will find your home has a different feel.

    Some Colours Do Not Combine Well

    Perhaps because of the changing trends in colour combination, some homeowners think that certain colour combinations, orange and brown for example, do not work well. But, taking into account the wide array of colour palettes, focusing only on select combinations is wasteful. Explore other hues and pick those that appeal to you.

    Colours are important design additions to your home, so do not just settle for what is common or ordinary. Coordinate with our expert home painters and we will help you bring to life the home interiors you have always wanted. Contact us now to learn more about our services.