To many, the shade of a colour doesn’t matter too much. Sure, it is easy to tell apart sky blue from navy blue, but what about colours that are too similar? How can you tell apart ivory from cream, or from bone?

    To the casual viewer, these colours have negligible differences. Many will exasperatedly claim that white is white and that there is nothing to fuss about. Would it really matter if you use one shade or the other?

    Nevertheless, as professional painters and decorators, we at Barker-Whittle know exactly how important it is to choose the correct shade.

    Makes Interiors Look More Coherent

    It can be especially difficult to tell similar shades apart, especially if they are of a neutral colour. Visualising it by itself can be difficult — it’s best if you pair it with another dominant shade in your home.

    The tone of a colour is greatly affected by its neighbouring colours. For example, coupling navy blue with bone is a good choice, as bone has a cool, somewhat greyish, undertone. It looks better than coupling it with a warmer colour, such as cream. Both colours are off-white, but the cooler tone complements the blue better than the warmer colour.

    Enhances Textures

    Our residential painters in Perth are experts at finding the right paint texture for your home. Textures add depth and character to a plain wall. However, did you know that the shade you choose also enhances the texture of your home? For example, cool shades such as bone will produce greener looking shadows, making your texture pop. On the other hand, warmer colours tend to smooth out textures.

    Affects the Mood of Your Spaces

    Different shades of the same colour can affect the mood of your spaces. A warmer, softer shade may look more feminine and create a flirty, romantic mood in your home. These colours are a good fit for bedrooms and other cosy spaces. On the other hand, cooler colours look clean and crisp. They are a good choice for rooms such as kitchens.

    If you ever need recommendations for varying tones and shades, contact us. We are happy to help you find the perfect colour that is just right for your home.