A bold colour, even when used in restricted amount, can do wonders for any space. Apart from being impressive and inspiring, these can also enhance the architectural feature of your home and support décor themes and interior designs. Decorating with deep colours, however, requires consideration for space and surrounding. Balance of hues is a key component to create an atmosphere that promotes harmony and coordination.

    Here are a few recommendations on using bold colours.

    Be Bold in Small Doses

    One great way to explore bold colours is to use them in smaller and more intimate areas. The kitchen is a good place to apply an intense hue. It is easy to enhance the space with an addition of bright colour in the cabinetry or walls. Kids also love bold and vibrant colours, so you can paint children’s room with a vivid palette to bring happiness to the space.

    More is Not Always More

    It is easy to go overboard with deep colours, especially if you splash them across the house. If you paint the walls with a bold colour and use that same hue in your furniture and artwork, your home will become an assault to the senses. When you’re trying to go bold, just stick to one element like your dry or plastered wall, and don’t overdo it.

    Match Hues Carefully

    Your paint selection matters when you’re trying to show off or accentuate a bold piece in your room. Don’t try to match the colour of your accent piece to the wall, as it will only overshadow it. Choose a multi-dimensional deep hue that will highlight your piece. It is also nice to go for a statement-making colour with muted undertones. Maintain a balance between colours to present a harmonious appearance.

    Bold hues can influence and transform a space dramatically. The right colour, applied with care, can change a simple space into a cosy retreat or turn a busy area into a serene space. Get in touch with us today and find out how we can fill your home with vibrancy, emotion, and atmosphere.