A Hamptons Dream In Perth...


Project Location: Joel Terrace, Mt Lawley
Project Scope: A Complete transformation, keeping within the existing period features and complimenting this beautiful Hamptons-style home’s raw timber.
Premium Products Used: 
Porters Paints
    • French wash
    • Aqua-satin enamel
    • Liquid gold
    • Weather shield gloss
    • Weather shield low sheen
    • Super enamel high gloss
    • Protective coating Ferrodor 810

Nestled within the serene landscapes of Mt Lawley, Joel Terrace became the canvas for a remarkable narrative of change, meticulously scripted by the skilled artisans of Barker-Whittle.

Through the interplay of interior and exterior brushwork, a daring aspiration took root.

To infuse the residence with the timeless essence of a Hampton-style retreat. With brushes poised and hearts driven, the artisans embarked on a journey of reinvention.

Each brushstroke, a testament to precision, unveiled the home's hidden potential. Surfaces, once ordinary, were meticulously hand-painted to unlock the quintessential Hampton aesthetic. Textures and tones intertwined, bringing to life a vision that once only existed in the imagination.

Time, an enigmatic companion, played a significant role. For three patient-years, the project unfolded, revealing its true character layer by layer. Raw timber, with its idiosyncrasies, demanded a painter's dedication – multiple coats to capture its innate beauty. A tribute to the artisans' unwavering commitment.

Embedded in Barker-Whittle's ethos is an uncompromising dedication to excellence. The project was meticulously choreographed by their in-house experts, ensuring a symphony of precision from inception to fruition.

Recognition crowned the journey. The pinnacle: the esteemed title of Master Painter of the Year. It served as a testament to the transformative power of a well-executed painting endeavour, altering not just physical spaces, but perceptions as well.

Today, Joel Terrace stands as a testament to transformation. What was once mundane now radiates the grace and sophistication of a Hampton masterpiece. This is the saga of an artisanal voyage, a testament to transformation, and the artistry that defines Barker-Whittle.

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