Using a colour consultant will take away the stress and confusion of selecting colours for your project.

Our consultant is Heidi La Cava, a professional colour consultant with over 20 years experience. She will take the time to listen to you so as to create a personalised scheme that expresses your style and compliments all the elements of your space.

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When visiting your project with the full range of Dulux colours our expert consultant will look at:



  • Street scape — How best to be harmonious within the street while at the same time not looking too similar to the neighbour.
  • Best and worst architectural features — What is the first thing you want the eye to be drawn to. How can the selected colour help camouflage any problems.
  • Size/Scale of building — How much uninterrupted area of paint colour will there be? This often dictates how dark or vibrant a colour can be. Colour can also balance a building sitting very high or close to the street.
  • Orientation and lighting conditions Full northern light will make a colour look quite different to a swatch viewed indoors.


  • Atmosphere Colour plays a major part in how you feel in your home and work space.
  • Other Finishes — What best complements the flooring, furniture, cabinet work, window treatments. The paint colour is what makes an Interior.
  • Features to be highlighted — These can be structural or decorating items such as art.
  • Natural and artificial light sources — How will they affect the paint colours?
  • Suitable shapes and lines — Look at complete walls including openings and junctions to assess suitability of multiples colours. Distracting shapes can appear when a colour change occurs.

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