Project Showcase: Preserving Heritage in Claremont


Team size: 5 

Timeline of project: 15 working days.

Project Overview:
Nestled in the heart of Claremont, this distinguished heritage house, steeped in history and character, stood as a timeless testament to architectural excellence. Built in 1935 and spanning 1314 square meters, it beckoned for preservation, its enduring charm to be immortalized through meticulous restoration and painting.
Scope of Works:
The project embarked on a journey to revive the grandeur of yesteryears, encompassing the preparation and painting of all exterior surfaces. To ensure safety and quality, scaffoldings were strategically deployed to access hard-to-reach areas, enabling the team to execute their craft with precision and care.
Products and Techniques:
Drawing upon the renowned durability and weather-resistance of Dulux Weathershield and Dulux Acrashield, the team set out to breathe new life into the heritage house while preserving its never-aging appearance. Every surface was meticulously hand-painted, employing traditional techniques to maintain the integrity of the original finish—a labour of love and dedication to authenticity.
Challenges Faced:
The project posed formidable challenges, not least of which was the imperative to deliver exceptional results within a compressed timeframe. With a large-scale job demanding meticulous attention to detail and hard-to-reach areas requiring specialized access, the team rose to the occasion, demonstrating their unwavering commitment to excellence at every turn
Crafting a Timeless Legacy:
Beyond the paint and scaffoldings, this project was a testament to the enduring legacy of heritage preservation. It was a tribute to the craftsmen who laboured before, a celebration of Claremont's rich architectural tapestry, and a pledge to safeguard its beauty for generations to come.

Embracing Tradition, Embracing the Future:
As the final brushstroke was applied and the scaffoldings dismantled, the heritage house stood resplendent, its allure undiminished by time. In the heart of Claremont, a piece of history had been preserved—a beacon of tradition and a testament to the enduring power of craftsmanship and dedication.

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