New Home Interior Painting

The paintwork of a new home is what makes it stand out. The final finish can transform an ordinary house into a spectacular residence. It’s the first thing people notice as they enter, and it sets the character for every room throughout the house. So let’s face it, it has to be done properly, and who you choose can lead to years of satisfaction or years of regret!

All Homes, Localities, Finishes & Budgets

Some home-owners spend a fortune on curtains, tiling and floor finishes, only to have the entire look and feel of their home ruined by a substandard paint job. Your house is likely to be your most important asset, so it pays to have the painting done by a registered, professional interior house painter in Perth.

There’s No Substitute For Experience!

Barker-Whittle has been the painter-of-choice for thousands of new homes in Perth and all over Western Australia for nearly 3 decades. Our experience at dealing with local conditions and local building materials in unsurpassed!

“It’s All About the Preparation.”

Applying the correct sealers and primers is critical for the foundation of a paint finish that you can be proud of and that will endure for many years. Unfortunately people often cut corners either by not sealing or priming, or by using inferior brands of primers and sealers. They think they can just slap on a new coat of paint and “she’ll be right!”. Strangely enough, this failing often applies to builders and “home handymen”, who might be expected to know better.

But at Barker-Whittle, we do know better!

We provide a written 5-year warranty on our workmanship and a written 10-Year product warranty for interior painting in Perth. As accredited Dulux Painters, using only premium quality Dulux paints, our warranties are backed by Dulux themselves.

Barker-Whittle is regularly chosen by many of Perth’s top new home builders, all of whom regularly use our services. These include:

If you’re choosing a painter for your new home — contact us to obtain a free quote.

How Barker-Whittle Will Carry Out Your Painting

Before starting any painting work, our interior painters in Perth take care to ensure that surrounding fittings such as windows and tiles are correctly masked. Then, once the critical first coat has been applied, we thoroughly prepare the surface before we begin to apply finishing coats:

  • Walls are checked over with a halogen lamp to identify imperfections that require filling.
  • Cracks and imperfections are then filled, rubbed-down and sanded smooth.
  • Gaps between walls and windows or fittings and fixtures are caulked.
  • Trim work is filled and sanded to a smooth finish.
  • Existing surfaces and fixtures are completely covered to ensure zero damage from paint splatter — this includes benchtops, carpets and floor coverings.

Only when we are completely satisfied with the substrates will we then apply the finishing coats. These may be either:

  • Conventional, oil-based enamels, or;
  • The latest Dulux Aqua (water-based) enamel, or;
  • The Dulux Enviro range, which are low in VOC’s (volatile organic compounds) and have minimal odour for allergy sufferers.