New Home Exterior Painting

Perth’s climate, with its often-high UV rating and close proximity to the ocean, can destroy an inferior paint job literally within a few months of it first being applied.

Protection against Perth’s extreme climate is all about quality products and what quality painters call film build. Basically film build is the thickness of the paint finish. It goes without saying that a thin coat applied without a sealer will not out last a quality Dulux paint system applied to manufacturer’s specification, complete with sealers and primers.

Exterior Paint for All Homes, Localities, Finishes, & Budgets

Having painted thousands of Perth’s homes since 1986, we have seen many new products come onto the market — some better than others. Many of these are not available through retail outlets and would not be known to “DIY-ers”. Then again, not all of the new products stand the test of time, either in the marketplace or on the walls of houses!

At Barker-Whittle we’ve probably seen them all. Many products we might have heard about through the trade, and others we might have only come across when asked to repaint a dodgy job done by an unqualified “handyman”. Bear in mind too, that when you sign a contract, you may not always know what’s in the can or what’s being applied to your walls.

That’s why it’s important to choose a painter you can trust — like Barker-Whittle — and to insist on tried-and-tested paints.

A Perth Painter You Can Trust

As Dulux Accredited Painters, Barker-Whittle only applies high-standard Dulux products for primers, sealers, and final finishes. We provide Dulux exterior paints with genuine, written seven or ten-year warranties. Our workmanship also includes a written five-year warranty from Dulux.

With Barker-Whittle, you can rest assured that your property won’t need any paint job for many years to come.

Let Our Experts Handle Your Exterior Painting Needs

  • Barker-Whittle takes pride in having extensive knowledge in paint products. Home to highly-qualified and experienced exterior painters in Perth, we guarantee a first-class job with every project, regardless of the condition.
  • We use scaffolding and complete access equipment to accomplish work safely and efficiently. Our company procedures place employee and client safety at the top of our priority list.
  • We use masking and covering to keep the surrounding areas clean during projects.
  • We treat your property with utmost care to provide the best results.

Barker-Whittle is a top choice among new homebuilders when it comes to exterior painting in Perth. We offer the following services:

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