Project Showcase: Preserving Heritage in Claremont


Team size: 5 

Timeline of project: 15 working days.

Welcome to our latest project showcase, where we unveil the meticulous craftsmanship and dedication poured into transforming a grand estate. Nestled on a sprawling 1000 sqm expanse, this Singleton project exemplifies our commitment to excellence. Join us as we delve into the journey of elevating this opulent home to new heights of beauty and durability.

Project Overview:
Upon entering this majestic abode, one is immediately captivated by its imposing presence and exquisite details. The grand façade sets the tone for the luxury that awaits within. Our team embarked on a 15-day endeavour to rejuvenate every inch of this double-storey marvel, starting from the exterior surfaces and extending to the finest details.

Scope of Works:
The scope of our undertaking was ambitious yet exhilarating. Our mission was to prepare and paint all exterior surfaces, leaving no corner untouched. From the expansive gutters to the delicate balustrades, our team meticulously attended to every aspect of the property, ensuring a seamless transformation.


Challenges Faced:
Undoubtedly, this project presented formidable challenges that tested our skills and creativity. The sheer scale of the undertaking demanded meticulous planning and execution. Accessing hard-to-reach areas proved to be a hurdle, but our innovative solutions, including Elevated Work Platforms (EWP), ensured no spot remained beyond our reach. Additionally, the intricacies of surface preparation posed their own set of challenges, requiring unwavering attention to detail.

Techniques and Products:
To achieve unparalleled results, we employed a blend of traditional craftsmanship and cutting-edge techniques. Our arsenal included a combination of brush, roller, and spray painting methods meticulously applied by our skilled artisans. Furthermore, we spared no expense in selecting premium products renowned for their durability and performance. From Dulux Weathershield to Dulux Acrashield for render walls, each product was chosen to withstand the test of time and elevate the property's aesthetic appeal.

In conclusion, the Singleton project stands as a testament to our unwavering commitment to excellence and attention to detail. Through teamwork, dedication, and craftsmanship, we have breathed new life into this magnificent estate, ensuring it stands as a beacon of elegance for years to come. We invite you to witness the transformation firsthand and experience the epitome of luxury and sophistication.


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