Happy tenants make happy facilities managers, but keeping a premises trouble-free takes determination and great partner relationships. When you’re responsible for continuous service delivery, you’re reliant on a constant supply of trusted workmanship. Here are reasons why building long-term service partnerships help you keep tenants happy, your premises well-run and your ROI at a maximum:


    You keep on top of maintenance

    Quality tenants insist on well-maintained buildings and grounds, and these also allow you to command higher rents. If you’re a new facilities manager, one of the first things to do is assemble is a team you can rely on to help you manage the constant maintenance that comes with any large property. This takes time, so start immediately. Falling behind on maintenance can hemorrhage ROI and leave you running at a loss. 


    Have your property regularly inspected by your trusted team of service providers. Plumbers, painters, handy-men, etc. — book their maintenance inspection slots in advance to let your tenants know routine maintenance is never something they have to worry about. With a long-term partner, you’ll also be able to trust they report accurately and advise on necessary work, without padding your quote with extra nice-to-haves.


    Value add-ons can be delivered in no time

    A long-term business partner will come to know your premises and tenants almost as well as you do. With their help you’ll have another ear on the ground when it comes to discerning your tenants needs as technology and work trends change. This will help you adapt and deliver on useful value add-ons in no time. These could be basics like security system upgrades or more complex ones like green technology shifts. Either way, you’ll ensure stable occupancy with your reputation as a manager sensitive to tenant needs and quick off the mark to fulfill them.     


    Save time and money

    Invest time and experience up front into compiling a go-to set of contacts for regular jobs. Building a trusted team means you’ll save time and money in the long run, with better ROI compared to when you’re constantly changing service providers. Long-standing partners offer increased value over time, as they’re already briefed on your core needs, property limitations and tenant tastes. You’ll also have completed all the necessary background checks, meaning they can get straight to work the minute they’re needed! 

    Now that you’re convinced about their value, how do you find reputable partners? Often finding one can link you into a network of trusted associates. When it comes to commercial painting, you’ve just struck gold! Barker-Whittle are commercial painters in Perth and we’ve helped clients maintain their properties for more than 32 years. We specialise in long-term partnerships that discreetly help you keep your properties pristine, keeping clients happy and occupancy at a maximum. Contact us to chat about everything from strata painting to polished plaster, or for a no-obligation quote. We get the job done right, the first time

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