Without Clair Patterson, the world would be a spectacularly unhealthy place. He is responsible for fighting back against a lead-en world. Truly, this is a victory of massive proportions. Because it was present in abundance before, clearing the lead out of the public presence was vital. The reduction of lead levels in the blood plummeted to uber healthy, uber manageable levels.

    Nevertheless, Australia only imposed a near-complete ban on lead in 1997. Before that, there were still noticeable lead content in paint. Therefore, is it wholly plausible that some houses, especially ones built in the 90’s and 80’s, have some lead content in them.

    Asbestos, on the other hands, is also culpable for many health scares before. Lead and asbestos, when combined, will wreck havoc in any household. Furthermore, it is also challenging to detect for non-inspectors, namely the homeowners.

    If you recently bought an older house, be wary of its content beforehand, even more so when there are children. Some companies test for lead for a little fee, and it may be something worth splurging on before you move in.

    Dangers Beneath

    Be thorough and do not cut corners. It is common knowledge that lead is present beneath the walls. Sometimes, it is even abundant in there, where the eye cannot see. The same goes with asbestos, barred at the same time as lead, if not completely. Litigation is still ongoing in some countries, so please do watch out.

    From our point of view, it is quite distressing that these two dangerous materials were so common before. It certainly does not stand up to health requirements today, making its use scarce on newer homes. But, it is undeniable that older homes are cheaper, therefore more accessible to more people.

    When Repainting Means a Healthy Life

    In the end, it comes to doing painting right. You can trust us at Barker-Whittle to do such a thing. We use the latest, non-toxic, environmentally friendly products applied by our certified tradespeople. With a five-year workmanship warranty and a 10-year product warranty, we provide one of the best services around.

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