You would know it when your house needs a fresh coat of paint. The visual signs are there, as well as the dank smell and rough textures on the wall. But while you need to attend to your home’s painting issues immediately, there are some things you have to consider before you dip your brush into the paint bucket.

    Some homeowners lack the experience, patience, or skill to paint a house. Often, this leads to other problems like over-coating. You might end up spending more than you planned if you make too many mistakes. So, to avoid these problems, make sure not to do these things when you decide to repaint your house.

    Not Washing the Walls

    Though painting over an old wall may hide its flaws, washing it before the painting job makes the colours pop. Plus, you do not want to take the chance; a stain may show even when it gets painted over. Scrub out any mark that you see, for good measure.

    Not Filling the Holes

    Do not assume that the hole you see is all there is. Chances are, there is a wider gap beneath that hole. It is better to fill in the holes then sand them after. Always make sure the surface is smooth, and don’t forget to look for dents.

    Keeping the Furniture In

    It is a rookie mistake. Some homeowners tend to keep their furniture inside even while they are repainting the walls. No matter how thick the furniture covers you might have, it still pays to be extra cautious. Move all the chairs, tables, beds, and other furniture out of the room. Cover them with blankets or drapes to be sure.

    Skipping the Wall Plates

    Take into account what you want to do with your wall plates. Do you want them painted like the rest of the wall or would you rather have them adorned with another design? These small details can do a lot in improving the aesthetics of your interiors. Ask our painters to do the job for a quality finish.

    Repainting your house is a serious business. This is why we are serious as well in providing the best kind of painting services. Do not take chances and let our seasoned home painters do the work for you. Contact us now to learn more about our quality services.