It’s tempting to think “I can paint that!” in the face of a new home or a renovation project. It can be a fun activity to do with family and friends, but when your DIY painting mission takes a turn for the worse, it might be a better idea to hire our team instead.

    Hiring professionals may sound like too much of a splurge when you can do it on your own, but having experts do the job for you with the right tools and the proper techniques is a huge weight off your shoulders. More importantly, a professional paint job means you can avoid these painting mishaps.

    Two Shades Off

    There is always the possibility of runoff paint as you get the work done. You head out to buy another pail immediately and so go back to the task. Halfway through your pail, you realise it’s a shade different from the first one. What do you do?

    You have a couple of options here. You can repaint the whole wall with the shade you like better, or live with walls in two different shades. Soften the error with a gallery of art that plays to the advantage of the different shades. If you want, you can even go bold and do the same two shades on your other walls.

    Too Bold Colour

    The swatch seemed nice enough and the paint’s shade in the pail did not seem that harsh. After drying, however, you realise the red is not the muted shade you wanted, but a red that is too bold and makes the space look too small and too tight.

    You can paint a glaze over the wall to tone down the colour and avoid a major repaint. Designers often use this trick to get the colour that they want, because a blend of a bold colour and a beautiful glaze allows for a rich look.

    Bad Stroke

    You had the right tools and equipment, but missed the proper stroke and technique. The colour you chose for your wall was lovely, but now it looks embarrassing and messy. This is a difficult issue most resolve by painting it over completely, this time with professionals.

    Why did you want to repaint your walls in the first place? You want something different and you want it to look better, right? Work with us instead. We know you want to be a part of the process; we make it so that you are involved but everything is done quick, easy, and perfectly.

    Contact us now to avoid painting mishaps like these.