In the neighbourhood, some porches can inspire other households. Colourful doors and vibrant patios become the ideals of a few neighbours and even some passers-by.

    Sometimes, it helps in lighting up their day as they walk out of their homes in a bad disposition. This can be your motivation in turning your small and dull front porch into a street show-stopper. Here is some useful advice on how to do just that:

    Light Up!

    You can’t go wrong with lighting. You can install a few handmade light balls or elegant lamps. When lit up at night, these can add life and reflect your character. It is a practical tool to create the mood when you simply want to sit outdoors in the evening. It can make your porch a better place for meditation and star gazing.

    Go Green

    Have you ever wondered why people tend to sit on their front porch during work breaks while sipping a cup of coffee? Well, research shows that incorporating greeneries on your porch is more than just a renovation job. Greeneries can help you de-stress; urban spaces that incorporate greenery like your front porch encourage relaxation.

    The study also reveals that walking through greeneries can relay a feeling of meditation and less frustration when compared to making your way through busy metro streets.

    Flare Up!

    To complete your porch renovation, add some flare to your door colour and the surrounding areas. Make sure the colour goes well with the overall theme of your house and blends in with the new accessories and greeneries. You can stick with neutral palettes to cap off the enchanting look. You can also go bold with bright tones like violet, light green and orange. These shades can highlight your door, cutting off the present blemishes.

    Repainting your porch is the most crucial aspect of your renovation, so you need experts that can manage the job for you. At Barker-Whittle, we have the knowledge and expertise to carry out various exterior house painting jobs. We can accomplish repainting jobs that can withstand Perth’s extreme environment. Contact us today to request a free project quote.