Artists are in the habit of announcing popular colours on a near-monthly basis. We prefer not to participate, but we do observe — religiously. If you have a painting project that has left you overwhelmed, let us here at Barker-Whittle narrow your options down with both unusual and undying colours to pique your contemporary tastes.


    Mixing a specific hue of white can be quite challenging even for seasoned painters like us. One overstep and the requested hue becomes lost. Several and we end up with an entirely different colour. But, this incorruptible quality to the colour white makes it a necessity in every home, with next to no exceptions. It is no longer a surprise when design firms declare white (or a shade/gloss of it) as their colour of the year. Sure enough, some firms did, so expect to see some new Seashell and Alabaster buildings throughout the year.


    Another polarising yet essential colour is pink and its pink-like brethren (it was a masculine colour until the 1940s). Personally, we love pink. We think it is a friendly, warm colour that, when used right, can project an aura of sophistication, i.e. pairing with grey and oceanic shades of blue. If you are insistent against using pink, go for some lilacs and purples as fun paint alternatives.


    If you feel like vibrant colours ‘pop’ too much, and white barely does, then the muted, milky paint colours are perfect for you. This year, Europe is leading the charge for milky blues. After years of glossy colours, there is none more fitting to represent design sensibilities that ‘hug’ you than the restrained beauty of milky blue.


    Here is another top recommendation: dark teal. You will see that it works with almost every house’s style. From wooden floors to boxy, minimal furniture, trust that dark teal will deliver a pleasant seaside atmosphere. That is versatile colour if there ever was one (besides white, of course).

    Picking the perfect colour to paint your house with is a decision that can shape the attitude of the people who live there. You cannot cover a living space with a specific colour and not let it affect you. Preferences may shift depending on peoples’ current outlook. Here at Barker-Whittle, we make sure that colour choices always end up making it a happy one.

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