Every 5–7 years your home needs a repaint, otherwise maintenance is bound to become a headache in the long-run. It’s also a fantastic opportunity to update your home’s look to the latest trends — and a delicious way to express yourself creatively when people are annoying you


    Here are 5 ways you can one-up your neighbours with the power of paint!


    Choose a bold colour combination

    If you’re feeling bold, have fun choosing a colour combination for your next home paint update that’s vibrant and sure to stand out! Whether your paint and trim match is up to you — so is whether you go for a solid colour or rainbow patterns. As long as the paint job is done well, there’s little your neighbours can do to dictate the colour of your facade (it’s always best to check regulations though!).  


    Consider a specialised finish

    A unique finish, like texture coating, can really help you make your mark. Combined with your colour choice, this could be the one thing that sets your home apart from your neighbours. It needn’t be garish either — sometimes the subtlest statements are the loudest. Speak to a texture coating specialist, who’ll help you select the finish that perfectly balances taste and a display of character. 


    Know your home’s value is increasing with each brushstroke

    A paint job is one of the easiest, cost-effective renovations you can do to increase the sales price of your home almost overnight. The importance here though is to ensure it’s done well. A shabby job could count against you by turning assessors away or even damaging your home structurally. For instance, water could get in through badly applied paint and leave you with a mould problem. 


    Call in the experts

    If the sound of all that preparation work doesn’t sound like fun, call in the experts! This way you can rest assured that whatever paint is applied today, will stand the test of time. A master painter would help ensure any existing cracks are dealt with, pay attention to the finishes and advise on an elegant colour palette and quality materials that are sure to make an elegant statement. If you take this route, you’ll also have the assurance of a quality guarantee that doesn’t accompany even the best-intentioned DIY jobs.  


    Have a paint job that lasts

    Splash out on quality service. You might pay a little more up front, but while neighbours who laughed at the prices you paid are left scrambling to retouch their home exteriors every year, you can sit back, relax and watch the fun from your perfectly painted deck.  

    Investing in quality paints and service initially saves you money in the long run — because you won’t be left with touch-up bills in-between regular maintenance. Make yourself the talk of the town with the help of Barker-Whittle. We’ve been helping Perth homes make a statement (in all the right ways) with high quality painting services for 32 years! We can help with your painting project, and as texture coating specialists, even realise the unique finish that goes the extra mile. Contact us for a no-obligation quote, and stay a step ahead of your Joneses’.

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