Neutral colours are the LBDs of interior design. Grey, taupe, beige and ivory are the new must-haves that are both modern and classic. These hues are the ideal chameleons, complementing any room, mood and setting. As they’re neutral, you can even pair them with pops of saturated colours or metallic shades.

    See how these hues will make you rethink neutrals in your home décor.

    A Room that’s Neutral Makes it Easy to Repaint & Refurbish

    Neutral shades make rooms appear organised and composed. The coolness of beige and white, and the warmness of grey make for great field colours, not just accents to interior walls. For a subtle tone-on-tone, use saturated greys on adjacent walls and décor. Incorporate bright colours, such as yellow and turquoise to add visual interest.

    The Perfect Neutrals Add a Modern, Minimalist Vibe

    Pairing grey, black, beige and white wall colours with ample amount of light is perfect for a modern, minimalist vibe. Use the whitest of white bed linen and pair it with black pillows and metallic artworks to add drama. This décor idea ranges from casual elegance to utmost sophisticated. The lighter shades have a more feminine appeal, while the darker hues have a more masculine effect.

    Neutrals Have Many Natural, Wonderful Undertones

    Neutral colours have a range of natural, eye-catching undertones that come to life with the right lighting. Make the most of and play up your natural light resources to brighten up the space and accentuate your wall colour’s undertones.

    There Couldn’t Be a Better Background Wall Colour

    With hues from white to black, there’s a colour in the spectrum for everyone. Grey provides deeper, greater dimension than its counterparts. Beige and tan have been overdone over the years, so set your home apart from the crowd with a grey background colour. Whether you’re bold or shy, there’s a shade of grey suitable for your lifestyle and personality.

    No matter what your interior décor theme is, there’s a place for neutrals in your home. From the baseboards to the ceiling, use your imagination to incorporate these gorgeous neutral shades. Change furnishings and accessories as seasons change, and see how the neutral walls magically blend with them all.