Painting is all about the result; it does matter how many years you studied in painting school, or how many credits you have in training. If the work that comes out in the end looks haphazardly one, it’s not going to attract many clients. But, what is it about painting that makes it so elusive to even the most persistent students of the craft? The answer is preparation.

    The quality and time painters take with their prep work is a significant determining factor in how well the result of painting job will become. We see many people — even some professional painters — who put too much focus on their equipment or colour choice, and not enough attention on their prep.

    Skipping Tape

    One of the few things people often forget about painting is that it rarely goes as perfect as people want it to, and even the best need some help. Unless you have the uncanny skill of painting in straight lines every single time, never skip using the painter’s tape; it’s easy to apply, remove, and gives people straight results every time.

    Pumping up the Primer

    Using a primer is one of the most basic things people learn when they first begin training for a painting project. If a painter neglects to use primer on their walls before they start painting, they’ll be left with streaky walls with patches of the wall’s original colour peeking through every now and then. Any painter who doesn’t use primer for the sake of savings will actually be spending more on paint to get the solid coat they want to get on their walls.

    These are two of the most basic steps in preparing for a painting project, and people need to take advantage of them to ensure that their work is the best it can be. There are more simple steps people can take to make their project look a little bit better. If you’re interested in finding out what those are, contact us today. Our team of master painters won’t just tell you how they get their results; they will show you with their many projects and works.