Have you ever wondered what master painters must do in their own homes? What their favourite colours are? Why they use the materials they do? Peter Barker, head of Barker-Whittle lets us know what life is like through the eyes of a master painter. After 40 years in the home painting business in Perth, he’s got some stories to share! 

    What colours have your painted your own home/which colour schemes, and why?

    Funnily enough, my home is very unusual, as we’ve woven together many bright and different colours into the colour scheme — whites and beiges are certainly not welcome. I live in a home filled with bright reds and oranges!

    Which types of paint/brand did you choose for each space, and why?

    Whichever colour I choose, I always use Dulux — especially their Wash & Wear and enamel ranges. I use it because I believe it’s the best product on the market by far. 


    Would you recommend using the same products to your clients?

    Yes, I would. Barker-Whittle recommends Dulux every day — as much as we love to use the best in our own homes, we’re committed to passing these wins onto our clients.

    If a client approaches you with an unrealistic idea — in terms of either colour or the product they want to use — how do you advise them? How do you balance their desires with what you may recommend instead?

    We always respect our clients’ freedom of choice, but that doesn’t mean we leave them out in the cold when it comes to making their painting decisions! With every project, our colour consultant will work with them to find a colour and product that’s suited to their taste and the job at hand. While we always enjoy painting any colour, if we don’t believe a product is up to standard, we simply won’t use it. Doing so would ultimately be doing our clients a disservice.

    When did you last make a really bad decorating or painting choice in your own home? Tell us the story!

    I’ve had the luck never to make a bad colour selection in my own home. I’ve also managed to avoid working with sub-par materials, so far! But I have made a hideous decorating decision before —  I once had some commercial vinyl wall covering left over and used it in my hall. I hated it as soon as I hung it… Never again!

    What’s the best decorating decision you’ve ever made in your own or a loved one’s home, and why?

    The best decorating decision are the ones you never tire of, right? The one that I’ll never regret is adding black polished plaster to our office. I often just stare at the finish, because the visual effect changes with the time of day.

    When you first move into a new home, what would you recommend painting first? Take us through a sensible way to plan repainting a new home — which rooms come first? Which storey? How do you prioritise?

    I’d definitely recommend starting from the top and working your way down, and eventually, out the front door! It’s also worth mentioning that it’s okay to take it in stages — first-time home DIY painters often feel they need to finish in an afternoon. Don’t do too much at once, or you’ll soon give up. Taking baby steps will get the job done, and done well.


    If you’re out of time to do it yourself, or prefer avoiding the hassle of a DIY, call in the experts. When they’re using the same products and techniques they’re recommending to you, you know you’re onto service you can trust. After more than 40 years of providing home painting services in Perth, the Barker-Whittle painters have shaped their tastes and choices the worthiest way — through experience. Contact the team for a no obligation quote, and tap into their experience and services to help you get the home painting update you deserve, hassle-free. 

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