Decorating a property can be lots of fun but it can also be quite stressful. You will need to think about what colours you use in each room by working out what hues will work well with your décor and furniture. If you are redecorating an existing space, you might want to buy new furniture and décor in which case you will need to think carefully about what style you want to achieve in every room before you can even begin to think about what colour to paint them.

    The colour that you use throughout your home will have an impact on everything from the ambience and the look to the warmth and the overall mood. Getting a professional painter to do the painting work for you is far easier than attempting to do the work yourself and we are happy to take on any type of job, from small homes through to large shop units.

    Choosing a Colour

    You can work with us to decide which colour you want to use in each room or you can leave the decision making to us. We often advise our customers to pick what colour they want to paint the largest room in the house first, as this makes it easier to work downwards to decide which hues you want in the smaller rooms once you have a base to work out from.

    Below are a few handy tips to help you to choose what colour to paint each room:

    • Generally, you should use soft and neutral tones in your most centrally located room
    • White is the most popular colour to use on the ceiling and skirting boards
    • Don’t forget you can mix and match by having different walls in the same room painted different colours
    • You might want to choose a colour such as pastel blue for the central room, then use different colours from the same palette for the other rooms like paler blues and darker blues

    If you are not sure what colours you want to use throughout your home, then we would suggest that you use a neutral tone in any room that acts as a connecting gateway, such as the hallway or landing. This allows the eyes to take a break and rest before focusing back in on brighter colours when entering the actual rooms.

    Building up a palette of colours by using the same hue in different shades is a great way to ensure your entire property works well together as one unit.

    Reliable Painters

    It is imperative that you use painters and decorators that you can trust to do a good job. We offer a wide range of professional painting services and we will provide all of the following:

    • A personalised service based on your budget and needs
    • Affordable rates
    • Skilled workers
    • Interior and exterior painting services

    We pay attention to the small details to ensure that every property we paint has a perfect finish and we are on hand to give you advice should you want any.