If you’ve inherited or bought a house with window frames in a colour you don’t like, you’d be happy to know that the days of putting up with the mess and expense of replacing windows are long gone! With the right equipment, help and a dose of patience, you can repaint your frames in nearly any colour you can think of.

    Because light and airflow in your home make a significant difference to your quality of life it’s essential to make the best use of natural light with great windows. You’ll also keep clear of unnecessary air conditioning this way — saving more than a few dollars. Aluminium frames entered the market as a particularly cost-effective window technology, but were long considered… well, ugly. Luckily, the days of aluminium frames only being available in silver are long gone. Advances in aluminium painting mean you get the best of both worlds — all the benefits, without sacrificing style. We share why painting aluminium frames can save you a ton of money in the long term, and why it makes them a smart choice for your doors and windows.

    Benefits of Painting Aluminium Window Frames

    We all may know the benefits of aluminium windows over wood and steel windows, but painting your frames gives them a lesser-known edge. The best thing about aluminium is its versatility. They’re significantly less expensive, reduce your carbon footprint and are flexibly designed so now you’re able to customise your windows to get the look you want. Spray finishes can be made to look like the original powder coat, and you have your choice of nearly unlimited colours — including some metallics. The paint also dries really quickly, which means that you could be using your doors and windows within an hour! The convenience and the freedom this delivers is simply unbeatable.

    Choose to Paint, not Replace

    Even if you’ve inherited a house with existing aluminium frames that are looking a little the worse for wear and tear, consider repainting them before ripping them out for a new set. Paint the existing frames instead, because it saves you both time and money and leaves you at no disadvantage. Aluminium is hard to beat — it’s light, strong, corrosion-resistant and lasts for a lifetime. Chances are that a facelift is all they need to get them good as new! Restoring or maintaining your existing windows doesn’t mean you’re stuck with somebody else’s taste either — it means you can have almost any colour you want, while saving up to 75% on the cost of replacement, and ensuring you keep disruption to a minimum while the work is being completed. It takes only 3-4 days to paint all of the aluminium on an average house, and if you enlist the help of master painters like Barker-Whittle, they’ll resurface balustrades, gates, fences and patios for you at the same!    

    A Final Word on Why You Don’t Need To Replace Your Aluminium Window Frames

    Before you set your heart on replacement frames, speak to a master painter and see if your desired look and feel could be achieved with a fresh coat of expertly applied paint, first. The team at Barker-Whittle could explore your options and help find a repainting solution that is more efficient & cost effective, and gets you the look you desire.

    At Barker-Whittle, we also believe advances in technology and professional aluminium painting also mean you don’t need to sacrifice style or burn a hole in your pocket to make the smart choice in window frame painting. Contact us for a no-obligation quote, or to find out more about how painting aluminium frames can set you up for a premium lifestyle at a fraction of the cost.


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