Not many things last forever, including house paint, and after a period of time a mixture of sunlight, moisture and exposure to the elements will cause house paint to simply peel away from the exterior.

    When it comes to DIY repairs — house painting is not technically that difficult for a homeowner to carry out. However it will definitely be time-consuming, create mess and be physically demanding. Hiring professional house painters seems like a viable alternative, and in many cases it is. Most importantly you must make sure to find reliable and professional painters, who offer affordable and cost effective solutions.

    Not So Simple

    The size of the job is the major thing a homeowner should consider when deciding between a do-it-yourself project, and hiring professional painters. Old paint usually has to be scraped off before any new primer or paint can be applied to the walls. Scraping and preparation is just not going to be a picnic! Scraping itself ensures that you must be in good physical shape so as to reach the more obscure areas of your home and that’s not something most people will want to bother with. This is where professionals, such as Barker-Whittle Master Painters excel and get the job done just as you want it.

    Hidden DIY Costs

    Hidden costs associated with house painting are something that homeowners may not have considered. The paint itself may be relatively inexpensive, but, all of the tools, sprayers, brushes and ladders will not be and don’t forget, most of these items you will seldom use again for quite some time. In fact, by the time a homeowner purchases all of the extra equipment necessary to paint a house, costs can certainly work out higher than hiring a professional service. Before hiring a professional painter, take a trip to a local home improvement store and check out just how challenging it will be to use a modern spray painter or conduct advanced painting techniques.

    No Messing

    Barker-Whittle brings a level of expertise that most homeowners simply do not possess. They will professionally mask off areas prior to receive over-spray, such as windows, exposed pipes and gardens. They will certainly be able to complete the job expertly in much less time than ‘weekend warrior’ homeowners or an amateur crew. At Barker-Whittle, our one and only mission is to provide you with a service that will make your home look modern, stylish and luxurious, and we’re more than happy to offer advice whenever you need it. Contact us today for more information.

    Father Time

    If time is of the essence, a homeowner will be better off hiring professional home painters instead of allowing a partially scraped house remain in limbo for several weeks. The environment can also have a dramatic effect during that time. So, the choice is yours, peace of mind is peace of mind, what do you want?