Would you paint your house black? For most people, the answer would be no. The colour and its meaning are transcendent of culture and time. Homes are rarely painted black due to our deep-seated psychological reaction to it. We here at Barker-Whittle admit that black is not a top paint choice for houses, regardless of style or age. In this article, we will explain exactly why.

    Into the Darkness

    Black is predominantly seen as a negative colour. It is consequentially associated with darkness, evoking a sense of evil and mystery. Our painters agree, along with the thousands of clients we serve, that black simply just does not feel homey. For a supposed place of retreat after each exhausting day, black houses appear too hot to fit the billing.

    Scientifically, they literally are, since black is the ultimate heat sponge. The colour is every other in the spectrum combined. Black absorbs all light and heat, while emitting none back. Because of this, black houses in hot climates such as ours tend to require more maintenance. The high temperature differential between the day and the night causes the paint to expand and contract too much.

    It is understandable that people have no desire to live in a house taken straight from Halloween clip art, but we may be giving the colour far less credit than it deserves.

    A Necessary Evil

    You can still have black for your home, though we would advise to keep it in moderation. Homes, especially minimalist/modernist ones benefit greatly from accents of black paint. You would not like a house seemingly dipped in ink, but just the right amount of black is enough for a home to exude warmth but not heat, prompt rest but not an eternal one.

    Traces of black in a home will also elevate its design to appear more luxurious. Black is the next best colour to gold when it comes to projecting elegance, with the upside that black goes without the image of improvidence or excessive lavishness. Black paint brings the details out of intricate carvings or sculptures, and draws attention to everything else in the room when applied in the proper location.

    Houses come in different colours but black is hardly one of them. For a neutral colour, it sure does evoke a lot of emotion, and that may be the reason it remains an unpopular choice. Still, black is a solid colour option for people who want a bit of darkness or sophistication in their home. Maybe even a bit of both.

    Contact Barker-Whittle to learn more. Just pick a colour and pick a place, and our skilled team will make your dream home or haunted castle happen.