Denial is powerful, more so if it applies to whether or not it’s time to repaint your house, which is no small undertaking. Many people finally decide to give their home a new look and re-paint only after they discover problems. More often than not, it’s already too late by that time. Waiting until there’s a problem before repainting your house will not only be more expensive, it could also lead to damages that go beyond the paint.

    In our years of painting hundreds of homes in Perth, we have come to recognise that there are tell-tale signs that your house needs a fresh coat of paint… and probably some extra TLC. Here they are:

    Chipping & Peeling

    Paint protects the wood in your house the same way skin protects your body. Chipping and peeling of the paint, even in small areas, often indicates you’ve neglected these for quite some time now that you let dry rot happen. The top coat is no longer protecting the wood from the sun, rain, winds and other elements.

    The next time you think of postponing the repainting your home to save money for now, ask yourself, “Would you rather pay for a paint job now, or pay for a paint job plus repairs later?”

    Mould, Mildew, Rotting

    Contrary to popular belief, moulds, mildew, and rotting can spread even in cold weather. Mildew can lay dormant during the winter and comes to life just like the plants come spring. These look like little spores or dark spots on the paint surface.

    If mildew, moulds, and rotting are spreading on your walls, it’s a sign that your slick, glossy painted surfaces need some freshening up, fast. These microbes can get into any chipping, holes, or uncovered surface of the wall and cause more damage.

    Some mould and mildew can easily be removed with a professional power wash, but sometimes, it may require a fresh coat of paint to keep your home protected. If you’re unsure, call us and we’ll be glad to help out.

    More than just adding curb appeal and improving your home’s look, a fresh coat of paint does a lot in protecting your house. Get in touch with us now and we’ll be happy to help you with any painting needs.