You may already know all the kinds of colours on the wheel, from the basic ones to the most complex and out-of-this-world hues. You may even know also the meaning of each of these, as well as the right combination for a certain setting, item or situation.

    But even experts in painting don’t know it all. There are still some odd and fascinating facts about paint and paint colours that grab their interest. Read on and you might just be as surprised.

    1. The colour violet is associated with royalty as only the upper class could afford its costly pigment. During the Roman era, people had to pound four million mollusc shells to get one pound of that colour.
    2. The White House is one of the most famous structures that have a high regard for their colour. Did you know that the building maintains its hue due to the original lime-based whitewash that people used to protect its porous stone walls? The POTUS’s home gets a repaint every year.
    3. People were already painting their interiors as early as the prehistoric times. Around 40,000 years ago, cavemen were depicting their life and culture by drawing patterns and figures on the walls of their dwelling. Their form of spray painting is blowing pigments through a hollow bone.
    4. During the ancient times, Aztecs valued red pigments more than gold. Probably due to the availability of gold more than red, they used the colour more in painting most of their things.

    Something to Add to the Paint

    When you’re painting the interiors, choosing the colour is just the first step. You can make the most of the paint job if you apply the right finish. High gloss paint finishes, in particular, make the surfaces more durable and easy to clean. In addition, a paint finish can hide the imperfections of the walls and ceilings.

    Having more knowledge about paint allows you to choose the one that fits your home. Likewise, this enables you to fully integrate and reflect your personality with the interiors. Here at Barker-Whittle Master Painters & Decorators, we offer first-rate interior painting services that can transform your ordinary house into a spectacular residence. Contact us now and let us give your home a makeover.