There are different types of paint. They often vary in ingredients, which define their coating attributes. Depending on their contents, paints are suitable for application on drywalls, concretes, wood and metal surfaces.

    More than 20 years ago, the difference between interior and exterior paints doesn’t weigh much when homeowners procure painting services. But, professionals nowadays consider these two kinds as impractically interchangeable, as interior paints should be abrasion-resistant while exterior paints have to withstand harsh weather conditions without flaking.

    The more important factor, though, is the relative level of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that the paint contains. Paints that have higher VOC levels usually suit application on exterior walls a lot better.

    The Plant-Derived Paint Resin

    Paint, in general, contains either alkyd or latex resins. While latex paints suit both interior and exterior application, alkyd paints are mostly for exterior use only. Similarly, some states prohibit using the oil-based alkyd paints indoors as they can off-gas significant VOC levels even days after their application.

    In addition, certain state laws limit the amount of alkyd paints that retailers can sell. Most of the time, retailers sell this exterior paint in quart cans only, making it more taxing and costly for application. Many painters, nevertheless, prefer using alkyds on exterior surfaces, as they deliver a glossier and sharper finish.

    Exterior & Interior Latex Paint

    Latex paint, as mentioned, is suitable for application on both interiors and exteriors. Be careful with this product, though, as there is specific latex for interior and exterior. You’d rather not use exterior latex for your living room or kitchen walls because the coating is generally less appealing and thicker, as producers designed its additives and binders to withstand harsh weather conditions.

    Interior latex paint, on the other hand, undeniably wouldn’t last long on exterior walls and fences. This can’t withstand harsh weather conditions because it lacks heavy-duty additives. In most cases, the sun causes the colour to fade or the paint to deteriorate fast, leaving you with no choice but to repaint the walls and fences.

    Using the right kind of paint brings out the best in both interior and exterior walls. Here at Barker-Whittle Master Painters & Decorators, we offer high-quality painting services. Whether you need assistance for new house paint or repainting services, we can work on both the interiors and the exteriors. We know the difference, which enables us to make a difference. Contact us today and let’s work on your walls.