Being in charge of managing a property is a quick lesson in how continuous maintenance is the key to keeping your head above water. A timeous repaint is essential to protect your property against costlier wear and tear. Here are 5 common signs that it’s time to freshen up your walls:

    Fading Colour

    UV radiation quickly degrades a paint’s pigments and the molecular structure of the coating. Faded colour is an early sign that the paint’s ability to seal a surface is failing. This leaves your walls unprotected from the elements. Check your wall colour against an original sample or the paint leftover from your first application.  

    Cracked or Peeling Paint

    If your walls have cracked or peeling paint — repaint immediately! Cracks appear before peeling begins, so don’t wait for the full house of symptoms that indicate your surfaces are exposed to rot, mould and pests. If your walls already have large areas of peeling you might want to speak to commercial painters who could advise you on the most cost-effective rehabilitation.  

    Mould & Damp

    When it comes to dealing with mould and damp, prevention is better than cure. The trouble with mould and water stains typically begins when you don’t pick up on cracks and peeling fast enough. Getting rid of mould requires such a thorough clean that you’ll have thinned spots on your wall that are more susceptible to paint failures than the surrounding areas. Once the mould and damp have been treated, it’s time to repaint.    

    Paint Chalking

    When your paint is reaching its sell-by date the cumulative weather and UV damage cause a fine powder to build up on your wall. This indicates that the binding medium in your paint has disintegrated. Aside from the inconvenience of unwanted stains on clothing if you accidentally brush past, chalking dust can also pose a health hazard by affecting the air quality. To get your walls perfectly protected, remove all chalk residue and repaint.

    The Passing of Time

    High-quality paints last a maximum of 7–10 years. Even if your walls are showing no visible signs of deterioration, it pays to get them repainted if the paint’s natural lifespan has elapsed. Prevention is better than cure, as the cost of rehabilitating a wall that’s structurally compromised with mould or damp is much higher than a thorough, regular repaint.

    Quality paintwork takes time but saves you money in the long run. When you’re short on time, it pays to call in the experts. Barker-Whittle are registered master painters who’ve been taking care of Perth’s commercial and residential painting needs for more than 30 years. We’ll help you care for your property with the expert painting that comes with a quality guarantee, keeping your walls in such good shape the same issues never appear twice. Speak to the team and request a no-obligation quote.

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