When the home starts to look a bit jaded, and you are thinking about a repaint, stop for a second and consider an alternative. Texture coating offers all the benefits that paint does, plus a few more. So before calling in the painters, let’s look in more detail at the growing popularity of texture coating.

    Waterproof Surface

    Paint is not waterproof, and while it might have elasticity, years of pounding sunlight will cause exterior surfaces to crack and peel, and the severity of that would depend on the quality of the paint. Texture coating is not only waterproof, it has far more elasticity than paint, which means it can withstand the extreme temperatures of Western Australia. Most internal plaster problems originate from water penetrating the exterior painted surface, so you can eliminate these frequent repairs by applying textured coating.

    Low Maintenance

    Painted exterior surfaces need to be regularly given a fresh coat, and water stains are common in certain areas, which promote mould and mildew growth. Textured coating requires virtually no maintenance, other than a wash with low pressure water and mild detergent, which is enough to remove the dirt and grime that collects in the atmosphere. Make sure to thoroughly wash off the detergent when you finish.

    Energy Saving

    Texture coating offers a higher level of protection against UV than paint, which means more effective insulation, helping to keep your home cool in the summer, and preventing the heat from escaping in the colder months. We are all striving to be more eco-friendly, and texture coating means significant energy saving, which is also good for your pocket.

    Professional Application

    Texture coating cannot be just slapped on like a coat of paint, and the surfaces must be prepared by our team prior to mixing. This is not a job for the DIY enthusiast, rather call in the experts at Barker-Whittle, who are trained in all aspects of texture coating.

    Investment Opportunity

    Texture coating your house could be viewed as an investment, as it will not only add value to the property, it will also protect it for many years, avoiding expensive renovations. One might be trying to sell the house, and it’s been on the market for a while now, with no interest, so consider a texture coating, which will revitalise the property, and the buyers will come running.

    Sealant Solutions

    Paint is a covering substance, while texture coating is more of a sealant, which protects against many things, and with the flexibility to withstand building shifts and subsidence, it will protect the home against structural damage.

    So, whether you are looking for the extra protection, or just want to transform the look of your home, texture coating is a wise choice.