There are different ways you can improve your home’s exterior aesthetics. You can work on your landscape or install a new roof or siding. Still, there is nothing better than a fresh coat of paint to make your home stand out in the neighbourhood. Apart from the aesthetic appeal, painting the exterior also serves as a protective barrier against harmful elements.

    When it comes to your home’s exterior, one sign that reflects the need for repainting is looking at the exterior paint’s condition. Weather conditions such as extreme heat and strong winds take their toll underneath, which causes rotting and weathering.

    How can you tell if your home needs repainting? Here are 4 signs you should watch out for:

    Faded Surface Colour

    As time passes, your paint eventually fades. It loses the original lustre, replaced by a washed out appearance. Most homeowners think faded paints are the effects of bleaching from the sun.This is not true. When your exterior’s paint fades, it reflects deterioration.

    When the fading becomes more evident, it is time to repaint. Fading is difficult to spot due to its gradual occurrence. One way you can tell is by comparing a photo of your home before with its present state in view.

    Flaking or Peeling Paint

    When you notice your exterior paint is flaking or peeling off your walls, it’s time for a fresh coat of paint. Do not brush off these signs. When the paint has completely flaked or peeled off the surface, your home is exposed to outer elements and absorbs moisture more quickly. This leads to earlier deterioration.

    Chalky Appearance

    One of the evident signs your home needs repainting is a chalky appearance. Run your hand across the surface of your home’s exterior paint. If the paint leaves chalky residues on your hands, your exterior is chalking. A chalky exterior is a sign of deterioration and must be resolved immediately to prevent further damage.

    Wood Rot & Stains

    Look for spots or rotting patches on your home’s exterior. If you notice soft spots or stains, it’s time for a new coat. If not immediately attended to, rotting causes severe damage to wood. This leads to compromising the overall structure of your home.

    Don’t wait for your home’s exterior painting to fail. Re-paint as soon as possible to improve your home’s aesthetic appearance and to prolong the protection it provides.

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