DIY painting is a great idea! Is it, though? Sometimes, a DIY is a perfect solution and is exactly what a space might need. However, there will be some times when a professional painter is all that will do. Let’s break down how to know when it’s time to call a professional.

    How high?
    Starting with, how many storeys does your house have? Two? Maybe even three? Painting something like the wall next to your staircase or the ceiling that requires a ladder over stairs to get there. Isn’t calling for a DIY job. Some ceilings also have intricate cornices, which aren’t forgiving for beginners.

    Safety is our priority, and it should be yours too. Here at Barker Whittle, we’ve got all types of equipment to get to the hard-to-reach places safely.

    Not starting with a smooth surface? Maybe no DIY?
    When you’re first thinking about a DIY painting project, ideally, you want to start with a smooth, clean surface. Some older homes have areas that don’t fit into this category. Areas with old paint peeling, holes and stains require more than just a fresh coat of paint.

    Textured finish
    When you’re deciding on what type of paint finish, you might even consider trying to do a textured finish DIY style. Let’s stop that right there. Whilst yes, there are some textured finishes that you can achieve at home, getting the seamless look yourself can be pretty tricky to do. Getting that textured finish comes with a lot more tools and speciality equipment; this is a situation where you could end up spending more money than what you will save.

    The exterior colour of your home can instantly upgrade your street appeal and instantly add value to your property. Whilst that might be a great incentive to try and save money by DIY, this project is too big even to consider doing yourself. You will need the different types of paint and all of the equipment to get started. Exterior paint is a whole other world and one that should be left to the professionals.

    Wet Areas
    Whilst some bathrooms, kitchens and laundry are acceptable to DIY, some spaces might not be so fitting. Moving washing machines, fridges, or any white goods on your own isn’t a fun DIY project that you can do over the weekend. Getting the area ready for painting can be a task in itself. Making sure everything is taped and covered is a lengthy process.

    If you’re impatient

    Don’t underestimate how long a DIY project can take. We often see people make this mistake when they start painting, thinking they can get a full bedroom painted within a day. Prepping your space to clean up after is a lengthy process and can take much longer than most would expect.

    You don’t want to spend the time doing the prep work
    Whilst you might be excited to start painting, the real work begins with cleaning and preparation. With no prep work done before painting, you’ll get a result that won’t last and will need to be repainted. If you don’t want to take the time and care to prep your space, calling a professional will probably be the best option.

    If you still think you want to tackle a DIY painting job at home, click here to read our DIY Deep Dive.