For most people, home décor is simply a matter of aesthetics. It is all about what looks attractive for their humble abode. Proponents of colour psychology, on the other hand, believe that the shades you use for your home can have a profound effect on your emotional health.

    If you like the idea of using colour for a healthier home, colour consultants suggest determining the primary function of your rooms. Pair this with a predominant colour afterwards. While there is no scientific proof, consultants believe that some hues work better in encouraging certain activities.

    Do you need more ideas? Here is our take on which colours go with which rooms:

    The Living Room

    Your living room is the place for conversation with family and friends. Encourage the swapping of heartfelt stories by painting the place with warm colours. Yellow, red and orange shades paired with earthy tones (beige and brown) can stimulate conversations. These colours encourage your guests to sit around and just talk, creating strong connections with the people around you.

    The Kitchen & Dining Room

    If you have fond memories of the kitchen you grew up in, mimicking the shades might recreate a sense of childhood wonder. Recreating the colour scheme in your new kitchen brings back fond memories that make cooking even better.

    If there are no particular shades that come to mind, yellows and reds are great combinations for your kitchen. But if you are watching your weight, you might want to rethink the red. The particular colour actually prompts you to eat more.

    Choose red for your dining room instead. The stimulating colour is great, especially for a formal dining setting. Apart from encouraging conversations, red also makes people think you are a better cook.

    The Bedroom

    Your bedroom is your personal sanctuary; it is where you go to relax and reconnect with your partner. For a comfortable rest, cool colours (green, blue and lavender) are the best choices. These have a calming effect that encourages rest and relaxation. For some colour consultants, the darker the hue, the more pronounced the effect is.

    Your home’s colour is more than just aesthetics — it also plays a big part in your comfort. Our painters can help you pick out the right shades and do the job for you. Call us now and let us paint your home.