Brick is one of the most iconic building materials out there. It works on almost any structure, be it homes, hotels or restaurants. They provide a look that instils a sense of hard work and painstaking craft unlike any other building material can. Sadly, it is time to say goodbye.

    The End of an Era

    The global taste for design is doing away with the liny textures of the 20th century. It is gearing toward a more minimalist sense, to an age of whitewash rooms and curiously curved furniture. We here at Barker-Whittle saw this evolution firsthand, as industries quickly shifted to a modernist approach, even shortly after the mid-1900s.

    Homes remained influenced by traditional architecture, with a stark contrast to landmarks such as the Shine Dome, Canberra Parliament House and the Sydney Opera House. Classic building materials like brick still hold a special place in our hearts, as we constantly deal with the material in our home painting projects. But, the fact still stands that homeowners are choosing other materials over it; hiring our services to even out and paint over brick surfaces.

    Bricks & Barrels

    Brick is unique because it offers the complete package to the eyes and to the touch. This rusty red mosaic characterises buildings in a way that is serious, professional and welcoming at the same time. Brick walls carry a personality. They are just the right amount of simple. They are the scent of herbs racing from an Italian restaurant’s oven. They are the fire department lifeline against ironic fires. They used to be the image of security, of stability, of home. They are the red and white panels reminding us that ‘the room ends here, but its history does not’.

    Walls are just flat vertical structures dividing space, but brick walls manage to carry so much more. Unfortunately, modern design sensibilities’ mantra ‘less is more’ collides with the brick wall and simply barrels through it. We believe the same thing happened to wooden barrels, actually. The times just decided to leave them behind. Soon, only specialty establishments and themed cafes will have brick walls, to the mass nostalgia of the world. We are fine with that.

    To find out just how passionate we are about this kind of stuff, and how that passion translates to our work, contact us. We offer masterful painting and decorating services for all homes, regardless of era.