There are several aspects of painting that many professionals don’t agree with each other on, and one of the more contentious issues is brush strokes. Painters disagree on whether it’s acceptable for brush strokes to be visible or not. For most people, the issue is a matter of preference, but for professional residential and commercial painters it’s better if the result is as solid as possible.

    Eliminating the look of brush strokes can be difficult without specialised equipment, but there are techniques such as blending and glazing that can help smoothen out even the roughest edges of a stroke. These techniques aren’t easy though, and they’re some of the best ways of identifying if the painter is an expert or a beginner.


    There are very few occasions for professional painters to use this technique, since it’s more common in canvas painting. It is, however, a useful trick to know if a client requests for more than one colour in a single room; it’s not a common request, but it’s not impossible either.

    Blending is a gradual transition from one shade of colour to another; it’s an excellent way of simulating light and shadow effects on a subject, as well as in a room. This technique is actually more difficult with sprayers and specialised equipment, and works best with brushes.


    This is another canvas painting technique that’s a bit more useful than blending when it comes to house and office painting. This is one of the most difficult techniques to pull off with a brush, and it requires persistence and experience to master. Glazing is a technique that painters can use when trying to even out old coats with new ones, this often happens when an old job was not done very well.

    The easier solution in such cases, of course, is to cover the old job with a fresh coat of paint. But, what if the client requests to preserve as much of the old coat as possible? The reasons could be sentimental or budgetary; regardless of their reasons, though, it’s a professional’s job to comply with the request whenever possible.

    Both of these techniques are a couple of the most difficult tricks in painting, and only master painters can deliver them without causing any problems for clients. Fortunately, master painters aren’t hard to find, just go to our contact page, and you’ll be able to talk to one.