The colour you use for your house and each of its rooms will affect ambiance, mood and other emotions. If you think choosing one colour is difficult, how do you choose a certain theme for your entire home? A colour palette provides you with a guideline as to which combinations are suitable for the interior and exterior.

    Choose a Colour for the Biggest & Centrally Located Room

    When having your house painted, pick a colour for the biggest room such as the living room or kitchen. Start with soft and neutral hues for the central room; this makes choosing colours for other rooms easier. White is often the colour of choice for the biggest room because it is easier to combine with others, whether you want a warm or cool colour.

    Build a Palette for Shades with the Same Hue

    Once you made a choice about which paint colour to use for the first room, one way to build a palette is to choose similar shades for adjacent walls and rooms. This creates a unified theme as you or guests move from one room to the next. Add white paint to the hues you used in the first room to create a lighter version of it.

    Keep Connecting Spaces Neutral

    Connecting spaces, such as landings and hallways, are places where the eyes can rest, especially if you came from a room with a saturated colour. White, beige and other similar hues are ideal choices for such areas.

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