Cottesloe Character Home

Posted on June 13, 2013

This old, character home in Cottesloe is being totally refurbished, with new extensions to the rear of the home as well as an endeavour by the owners to retain the character of the original front part of the house.

Barker-Whittle was not the first company to quote on this job; in fact we were the third! Both of the other contractors who quoted simply advised painting over the original sculpted jarrah door surrounds, picture rails and skirting boards, all of which had become discoloured with age and successive layers of polish. We won the job because we refused to take the easy option, and were in fact the only ones who offered to restore the wood to its original deep-red lustre. We achieved this by painstakingly applying heat from a special heat gun to the affected timber and scraping off the caked-on grunge.

he photos show the difference between the treated and untreated timber: note the grain of the treated timber compared to the flat look of the untreated part. When the timber has been restored to its original colour, we would then apply a special clear sealant so as to retain its colour for many, many years. As well as heat-treating and restoring the old timber, Barker-Whittle painted the entire interior of the renovated home, taking care also to retain and enhance the beautiful, old hand-plastered finishes of the period.

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